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        1.Are you hydraulic breakers manufacturer or international trade company?

        We are a professional Hydraulic Breaker manufacturer of Top 5 in Yantai City China,and have been working on manufacturing for 10 years. Our factory is able to manufacture most main body parts of hydraulic breaker including heads, cylinders, pistons, and chisels and also we could handle all production procedures in our workshop for example rough processing, precise processing and grinding as well . We always manage our producing process strictly to match our clients requests and work hard to produce goods of consistent quality. 2.Are you able to produce all spare parts in your factory?

        Most manufacturers in China have been purchased spare parts ( bushes, bolts, pins etc.)from others suppliers.But our factory has partnership with all the spare parts manufacturers which have been supplied those all to us for many years .

        3.What kind of metal do you use for producing ?

        For the main body parts, we chose 20CrMoA forged steel to make cylinders, front heads and back heads, which is the best in China, to guarantee stable performance and long lifespan meanwhile. For chisels, we have 42Crmo and 40Cr to choose from.

        4.How much is the hardness of your breaker body?

        As to main parts like heads, cylinders and pistons, they could reach 58-62 HRC after proper operating heat treatment, which is the most optimized hardness, to make sure hard enough to bear impacts, also anti-friction to ensure long lifespan.

        5.Whether the hammer bodies have been under heat treatment or not?

        We put all parts under heat treatment, including heads, cylinders, pistons, and valves. Normally after CNC processing and before grinding processing.

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